take two? three? whatever.

I feel completely naked.  Between the loss of my email (I am still very, very upset about this) and my server, and all information on said server AND my blog and while trying to reinstall everything on my computer, I don’t feel right.  Like something’s missing or lacking.  Definitely lacking.

Firefox is bare.  I have ads.  I have three bookmarks.  It struck me to backup my bookmarks but then I thought nah, I’ll go with a fresh start.  I forgot about the blog bookmarks, the bill bookmarks.  Not to mention the saved passwords – passwords that will have to be reset because the chances of me actually remembering them are slim.

And I have to rebuild my email.  I don’t think I realized exactly how much I depended on it until it was gone.  And I wonder how much communication I’ve missed.  It’s like moving; I have to remember to put in a change of address…everywhere.  I don’t even know HOW to change my email in some places.

I’m glad my house doesn’t smell like crap anymore.  It’s worth the staying up until 3am scrubbing stairs and floors and certain walls.  It’s almost worth doing endless laundry.

Aaron and Todd are fussing with the furnace.  It’s getting really, really old waking up freezing because it’s not working, kicking it to make it work, shutting it off to cool it down.

That about covers it.


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