That’s my day.

Found my dream job.  I worked all day on the application.  I fixed my resume.  I labored over the cover letter.  The application process ate it.  TWICE.  Or else I submitted it three times and yeah, that’s going to make me look competent.

When I got home from being at a Lacrosse booster meeting (which for the life of me I’m not sure why I felt obligated to go as my son hasn’t even tried out yet), I felt manic.  Like there weer 17 things I wanted to do and I wanted to do them all at once.  Right now, now, now nownownownownow nowwwwwwww.

And now I feel like a dried up piece of lettuce.  (for some reason there is a withering piece on my stapler and it’s in my eye-line, hence the reference.)

I’m fed up with this application.


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