I feel…

about 7,000 times better than I did last night about this time.  So good in fact that I dragged people out of the house by 9:30 to two different grocery stores (but I was aching a little by the end of the second trip – so much inactivity the past couple days) and then put everything away.  And then, so irritated with my bedroom’s layout (Rach, Todd flipped the bed around so the foot of the bed was where the head was when you were here except the bed was smack in the middle of the room)…anyway, so irritated that I rearranged it all.  I still don’t like it and since Todd does not read this, it’s safe for me to announce that weekend after next – I’m totally rearranging it.  He completely ruined it by walking in on me and then trying to be “helpful”.  Come back when I need the big furniture moved love.

Anyway…point is, I feel great today.  Not really eating a lot, letting my belly settle down.  Truthfully, it’s more of an I’m scared to eat much than I don’t feel like eating lol.

So hopefully the last couple of days were just me catching the bug the girls had and not giving myself enough time to recover.  My fingers are crossed, but I’m not taking how I feel today for granted, that’s for sure!


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  1. mom Said:

    So You lied to your mother!

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