I got nothin’


I feel creatively stunted.

I can’t think of anything to write about.  Nothing to blog about.  I’d been pretty consistently writing nightly…every night of January.  Not a scratch in the notebook since then.

My kids are past the age of something new and cute every day and I’m jealous.   No one is learning how to walk or talk or developing any other cute talents, cutting teeth, getting big boy and girl beds, starting school, making friends, eating with a fork or giving up their bottle.

Instead they’re talking back, being teased, doing the teasing, getting cut from the lacrosse team, going out for track, blowing off homework, withdrawing, sulking, slamming doors, arguing.

Really, I’m not exaggerating.

This is why people have late babies.  Because of the need for something cute in their lives.  Something nicer to talk about than little girls fast approaching pre-teenism and rotten teenaged boys.   Alright, that’s a stretch (and no, I’m not pregnant nor planning to be.  As cute as babies and toddlers are, I realize CLEARLY that they grow up and lose a large part of their cuteness and initial appeal).

I can’t even draw anything these days.

Can’t craft either.

No sewing.

I cannot even read a book I’ve been dragging to various doctor’s/dentist’s/orthodontist appointments for nearly three months now.

I am bored.  Not just ho-hum, nothing to do bored.  I mean really and very seriously bored and fed up with the complete mundanity (oh yes, I just typed mundanity and I’m very aware that’s not even a word) of my life.   So fed up that I think of things to do to cure myself and then have to spend another hour reigning myself back in to sanity.

Fine, I realize mundane is good…in small doses.  After all, better plain and ordinary than some series of crises that will inevitably come along.  That’s not my point.

I don’t actually have a point.

Shocker there, huh?



  1. mom Said:

    Oh my, I know that feeling! I look around at my craft stuff….no inspiration at all….end up playing endless games of spider…..

    • jennifer Said:

      i blame the computer lol. so much less brain power needed.

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