I have no love of languages.

I speak English.  I grasp the concept of it fairly well.  I get most of the ins and outs of grammar.  I twitch when people use the wrong forms of they’re, their and there/it’s, its and mess up the basic rules of grammar.

I speak a twinge of French.  The amount I once knew is fading away.

But I have no great love of languages.  I don’t find any language so much more beautiful than another that I would like to learn it.  I think Latin is cool because it’s such a root language.  But I don’t love it.  I wouldn’t be sad if it suddenly told me it was no longer talking to me or took me off its Facebook friends list.

I do like words, however.

And reading.

And so when I asked for suggestions from friends on what I should read, I was excited over all the suggestions.  So I picked up one called “The Secret History”.  The review is good, the jacket recap interesting.

Only 50 or so pages into it, and I just feel like an idiot.  I don’t think I’m smart enough to read this book set in an ivy league school, in and about a Greek language classroom setting.

The jacket still reads well and interests me.  I just hope I can get over my feeling like a moron to get to the juicy stuff.  I see a lot of skimming.  Either that or I’m going to have to reenroll in college so I can feel smart enough to take this book on.
(I think the way I feel about reading this book is a lot like I’d feel reading Good Will Hunting – too much intellect for me, but I could watch it on tv haha)

I did finish the book and it was a fairly good read.  Still a little too intellectual for me – I like to escape, use my brain as little as possible when I read (and somehow I always feel bad about this…why?)


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