goin’ to the doctor and I’m gonna…

probably get a shot.

and the results of my bloodwork…bloodwork my insurance company is denying coverage on.  WTF bcbs, WTF?  My jaw hurts.  like someone socked me good.  it’s probably cancer.  okay, fine, it’s probably the teeth on the bottom that I was supposed to have yanked in err…january.

my teen is being a sullen brat. i think we’ve exchanged possibly one whole sentence this weekend.  i did kiss his forehead this morning because he said he wasn’t feeling well.  this little action made my girls recoil in disgust and made me sad.  sad because i can’t think of the last time i kissed him.  well past kisses and hugs is he.

alyssa’s being argumentative.  ashleigh’s being a butt kisser.

oh, so the doctor thing.  shot of b12 for sure.  possible vitamin prescription but since I don’t really absorb healthy stuff, i don’t know how that’s going to work out.  i like this guy and i sort of wish i could have sent my other physician’s office an eff off letter but that would have been rude.

hopefully my lack of doctor luck doesn’t follow me to this office.  (every doctor i ever like ends up leaving the area…is it me??!?!?)


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