[new]Bloggies I love

Blogs of People I Don’t Know but stalk so much I might as well add them to my imaginary Christmas card list (where the rest of you live) and send Happy Birthday cards to their kids…that would be totally weird, right, and possibly get my name on a restraining order? Anyways, in no particular order, here they be:

Girls Gone Child

I started reading her blog some time ago, my mother in law bought me her book and I tore through it in a matter of hours.  I love reading her.  She makes me giggle a lot.   The book is fantastic and I will totally lend it to anyone who signs in blood that they will send it back to me.  Yes I love it that much.

Why is Daddy Crying

One of my friends became a friend of this on Facebook and I thought oooh something to make Daddy cry?  I’m a fan.  Turns out, it’s actually the name of a blog written by a guy who seems to have an obsession with poop (makes me an instant fan) and I laughed right out loud when I read it, then passed him off to my friends (and my teenager who, along with his friend, laughed so hard at Evolution of a Peaceful Poop that I started laughing all over again and made it so worth the fact that I shared something probably a normal mother would not share with her teenage son – but whatever, boys are so EASY to share with!)  I’ve read almost everything he’s written thus far, but (along with EoaPP) one of my favorites is No More Eating Out For Me – mostly because I feel like he stole that scene in the beginning from my house.  I despise eating out for exactly the reason that opens the blog.

Ask the Blogess

Apparently, when you’re in full-on stalk mode/desperately need stuff to read/are trapped in your house because your colon is being spastic, you can find lots of goodies on other people’s blogs.  This one was listed on the Why is Daddy Crying site and I laughed…again out loud.  Because if it’s not audible, what’s the point?  So what if the dogs looked at me funny and I closed the window when the girls walked up.  It.made.me.laugh.  And that’s the point.

11 Things I Know About Your Vagina

Okay, this is the same lady as Ask the Blogess, AND this is something that I passed on to my son who laughed his teenaged face off and it wasn’t until he posted a link back to it on Facebook that said:

“LOLOL God I love my mother and all the silly blogs she finds”

that I realized maybe I shouldn’t have passed that one on to him…or maybe he just should have left my name off the “find” since the title shows up in the address on the post LOL.  Whoops.  Whatever.

Checking the Electrical Box

Really, I can’t pick which post is my favorite (and I haven’t had time to read a lot of them) but at the moment my absolute favorite is Oh Little Playmate because it makes me feel slightly less alone/insane for the way my brain works sometimes.

There’s the partial list.  Work demands me.

…to be continued…


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