randomly speaking…

  • this is what I’ve listened to like six seven eight times back to back now:
  • I was going to say I don’t know why but I do.  It has a peaceful, settle down now quality to it.  I could take a nap if my brain wasn’t going in seventeen different directions.
  • I think I’m average height at 5’4.  Not freakishly tall and not a shrimp (unless I stand beside my sisters).  So how come the super comfortable jeans I just bought in petite for monkey’s sake are too long for my stumps?

the helicopter graveyard

  • My dog gets more exercise napping than he does awake (which let’s face it, isn’t that often).
  • We’re trying to grow grass to the right of the backyard.  We lack the proper equipment to make the snazzy orange fence stand upright so we do what we can.  The dogs are not fooled by this fence until they get on the WRONG side of it and then they look at me and seem to say “What the — how the heck did we even get over here?  Now, how do we get back?”  We’re also having insane wind today and it’s a losing battle to keep the fence standing.  I give up.  It’s either going to grow or it isn’t.  This picture is usually seen with labels like “swamp” or “mudpit”.  Right now all that grass seed we’re trying to protect is insulated by a two-inch layer of helicopters from the trees.  grr.
  • If there’s something within a 5 foot radius of where I’m walking, I’m probably going to walk into it.

Really, this song is making me want a nap.


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