He’s a pretty good kid.  This year he’s even one C away from the honor roll.  He’s funny and laid back, generally easy to talk to but I can’t help wondering with every sigh, every condescending remark or statement, anything that comes out of his mouth in an “I’m better than you” tone of voice….I wonder if that’s going to be the moment I lose him to being a full fledged teenager.  Or if that moment’s just a hiccup.  Just him testing his wings, figuring out what kind of man he’s going to be.  Or maybe he’s just in a bad mood.

Lord knows I have enough bad moods for three families.  But I’m mom.  I run on two settings.  Fine and pissed off.  There’s really not a lot of middle ground.  I’m stable at those settings, dependable.

He’s a teenager which by law states that he’s never stable at any one setting at any one given time of the day.

So will tonight’s mumbling and sighing and stomping be the end of the mostly peaceful coexistence with a teenage boy?  Will it be next week’s attitude?  Were the endless smart ass comments last week a sign of worse things to come?

Please let it just be a bad mood.


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