I like…

…that no matter what side of the bed we sleep on, Gizmo puts her head on my pillow – and her butt in Todd’s face.

(and what I don’t like is waking up after less than three hours’ sleep, stepping in cat puke in the dark and then realizing that some cat exploded not six inches away from the litter box…)



  1. heather Said:


  2. Okay, that is just plain gross. It’s a good thing we don’t have any cats because I can barely hold my stomach when I have to deal with the aftermath of one of my kids, let alone a pet…

  3. jennifer Said:

    I had to hold my breath, and gagged a lot lol. Not sure who did it (we have 6 cats, 2 dogs) but they’re all keeping their distance from me today haha!

  4. Katie Said:

    LOL…Sounds EXACTLY my house except replace to words “Cat” with “dog” and “Todd” with “Mel” – LOL…Sorry you had to step in that – But you made me laugh today!

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