That obviously is not a picture of me.  Cats can’t type.  Though Percy, (pictured) he just might be able to.  I hate the about page.  I renamed it ‘facts’ thinking it might get me over the trauma and unbelievable pressure of having to dedicate an entire page on my blog to myself in which I’m supposed to be cute and witty and striking and make you love me.  Isn’t that sort of the point of the blog?

So to sum up as is the norm:

I have three children, a teenage boy (Tyler) and twin 9-yr-old girls (Alyssa & Ashleigh) so sometimes I have to talk about my kids.

We’re owned by six cats (Gizmo, Skinny, Percy, Mooser, Rascal & Sam) and two dogs (Macchi and CC) because I just cannot say no when anyone (let alone my own brood) begs me to give something a home so sometimes I have to talk about all things furry.

Married going on something like 80 years at least though I’m only in my mid-30’s so sometimes there’s that, too.

I have Crohn’s Disease so sometimes I have to talk about poop and rotten intestines.  Great fun.

I am obscenely and hopelessly addicted to pretzel sticks and Cherry Coke Zero.  When times get tough, I’ve considered selling off my cassette collection just to get a fix.  My day job is as a transcriptionist and I hate it.  I work a lot.  Self-diagnosed and unmedicated ADD, I bite of way more than I can chew with the best of intentions and I leave a lot unfinished.

I don’t know.  It’s my blog.


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