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what i did on my summer vacation

More accurately….what I did on my kids’ summer vacation.

We spent 95% of their vacation doing absolutely nothing fun.  Nothing more than what we usually do – swim and watch TV.  Please, contain the enthusiasm.

So we decided this past weekend to do something fun.  Anything.  At great expense, of course, but overlooking my panic of bills versus fun, I guess it was worth it.

Friday we took them shopping for a “reasonably priced” outfit (thank you Ashleigh for the saying that’s stuck) and new shoes (yay to husband who works for a shoe company which means discount, discount, discount!!)  Despite my great love of all things retail (heavy sarcasm inflection) I survived.  An hour at the shoe store, largely due to Ashleigh who spends a great deal of time making sure she has just.the.right.thing.  It took the other four of us surrounding her in boxes of shoes before she settled on a pair I’d pointed out 45 minutes earlier.  Grr…  I fainted at the receipt, even seeing how much we’d saved.

Then it was on to Khol’s for said reasonably priced outfit.  An hour later (again, thanks to Ashleigh) the kids walked out of the store a really great outfit each.  I had to steal the clothes from their rooms today to sneak the outfits into the wash before they started walking around on their own.

Alyssa showing off her clothes

Ashleigh & her "reasonably priced outfit"

Friday night we tried camping in the backyard.  Bought obscenely large marshmallows for s’mores.  The s’mores were so large we sort of had to lick the marshmallow out of the sides before they dripped (and plenty dripped).

No, really, they were BIG marshmallows

We tried to sleep in the tent.  The dogs loved being in outside, with the whole family in one place and Macchi slept really well despite all the wrestling and pillow slinging and giggling.  Around 1am we realized no one was getting any sleep, Tyler’s mattress had deflated several times over and we headed back in to the house.

tent wrestling

We debated forever about where to go Saturday.  After the clothes and shoes (despite their reasonability) ordeal, we wanted somewhere cheap – and that’s hard to come by.  We hit Centerfield Park which offers mini golf, go karts, batting cages and bumper boats.   We started with mini golf and moved on to the batting cages.  It was frustrating for the girls but I could have stayed in the cage for hours.  We set the girls loose on the Slick Track and after watching and laughing at them figured they were going to come off the track vowing never to go on again.  Alyssa, who I thought would be the nascar driver was driving sooooo slow, careful around the turns, getting out of the way of others.  And my ever-careful Ashleigh had a fiendish look on her face, hauling ass.   They both came flying out of the gate praising the experience.

Alyssa finally getting the hang of it all.

Then it was off to get ice cream and home so Todd and I could collapse.

And that’s the summation of what I did on their summer vacation, lol.

School starts in just over a week.  YIPPEEEEE


randomly speaking…

  • this is what I’ve listened to like six seven eight times back to back now:
  • I was going to say I don’t know why but I do.  It has a peaceful, settle down now quality to it.  I could take a nap if my brain wasn’t going in seventeen different directions.
  • I think I’m average height at 5’4.  Not freakishly tall and not a shrimp (unless I stand beside my sisters).  So how come the super comfortable jeans I just bought in petite for monkey’s sake are too long for my stumps?

the helicopter graveyard

  • My dog gets more exercise napping than he does awake (which let’s face it, isn’t that often).
  • We’re trying to grow grass to the right of the backyard.  We lack the proper equipment to make the snazzy orange fence stand upright so we do what we can.  The dogs are not fooled by this fence until they get on the WRONG side of it and then they look at me and seem to say “What the — how the heck did we even get over here?  Now, how do we get back?”  We’re also having insane wind today and it’s a losing battle to keep the fence standing.  I give up.  It’s either going to grow or it isn’t.  This picture is usually seen with labels like “swamp” or “mudpit”.  Right now all that grass seed we’re trying to protect is insulated by a two-inch layer of helicopters from the trees.  grr.
  • If there’s something within a 5 foot radius of where I’m walking, I’m probably going to walk into it.

Really, this song is making me want a nap.

I got nothin’


I feel creatively stunted.

I can’t think of anything to write about.  Nothing to blog about.  I’d been pretty consistently writing nightly…every night of January.  Not a scratch in the notebook since then.

My kids are past the age of something new and cute every day and I’m jealous.   No one is learning how to walk or talk or developing any other cute talents, cutting teeth, getting big boy and girl beds, starting school, making friends, eating with a fork or giving up their bottle.

Instead they’re talking back, being teased, doing the teasing, getting cut from the lacrosse team, going out for track, blowing off homework, withdrawing, sulking, slamming doors, arguing.

Really, I’m not exaggerating.

This is why people have late babies.  Because of the need for something cute in their lives.  Something nicer to talk about than little girls fast approaching pre-teenism and rotten teenaged boys.   Alright, that’s a stretch (and no, I’m not pregnant nor planning to be.  As cute as babies and toddlers are, I realize CLEARLY that they grow up and lose a large part of their cuteness and initial appeal).

I can’t even draw anything these days.

Can’t craft either.

No sewing.

I cannot even read a book I’ve been dragging to various doctor’s/dentist’s/orthodontist appointments for nearly three months now.

I am bored.  Not just ho-hum, nothing to do bored.  I mean really and very seriously bored and fed up with the complete mundanity (oh yes, I just typed mundanity and I’m very aware that’s not even a word) of my life.   So fed up that I think of things to do to cure myself and then have to spend another hour reigning myself back in to sanity.

Fine, I realize mundane is good…in small doses.  After all, better plain and ordinary than some series of crises that will inevitably come along.  That’s not my point.

I don’t actually have a point.

Shocker there, huh?

take two? three? whatever.

I feel completely naked.  Between the loss of my email (I am still very, very upset about this) and my server, and all information on said server AND my blog and while trying to reinstall everything on my computer, I don’t feel right.  Like something’s missing or lacking.  Definitely lacking.

Firefox is bare.  I have ads.  I have three bookmarks.  It struck me to backup my bookmarks but then I thought nah, I’ll go with a fresh start.  I forgot about the blog bookmarks, the bill bookmarks.  Not to mention the saved passwords – passwords that will have to be reset because the chances of me actually remembering them are slim.

And I have to rebuild my email.  I don’t think I realized exactly how much I depended on it until it was gone.  And I wonder how much communication I’ve missed.  It’s like moving; I have to remember to put in a change of address…everywhere.  I don’t even know HOW to change my email in some places.

I’m glad my house doesn’t smell like crap anymore.  It’s worth the staying up until 3am scrubbing stairs and floors and certain walls.  It’s almost worth doing endless laundry.

Aaron and Todd are fussing with the furnace.  It’s getting really, really old waking up freezing because it’s not working, kicking it to make it work, shutting it off to cool it down.

That about covers it.