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My Wins

Frustrated with my job (more specifically the mind-numbing lack of) and annoyed with the oodles of hours I’ve been spending seeking other, more gainful employment (what?  the recession is over?  unemployment rates are dropping? PFFT!) I started seeking out sweepstakes and contests.  Christmas is coming and with a big family gathering on the way, there’s lots and lots of little ones (well, teen & under) who need some loot.  Sweeps seemed the way to go.

And it’s addicting.  And, honestly occasionally time-consuming.

But SO MUCH FUN to get that “Congratulations!” email first thing in the morning.  And as someone who’s rarely lucky, never wins anything and is pretty sure if it’s going to rain, it’ll be on me, it’s really REALLY REALLY exciting to get those emails.  I’ll keep a list of my wins & hope I inspire you to go do some sweeps yourself 🙂


Another book win and I’m really excited about this one.  I originally wanted to give it to one person but now i’m thinking someone else…decisions, decisions.  Haven’t really entered any for today.  Don’t feel fantastic and lack the concentration or desire to sift through what I want to enter blah


I don’t actually recall entering this but what the hey.  The Wave by Susan Casey from A Musing Reviews

Choice of Jewelry (up to $35) from Fantasy Jewelry Box.  This will be a Christmas present too, now I just have to figure out what to pick!

*on a separate note, the Namaste foods prize pack arrived today with Taco Pasta & Blondie mix to try out.  Can’t wait!


Ugh.  I missed an email.  It didn’t come with the regular congratulations; I missed my 48-hour respond or die cutoff but am still listed as a winner on the site so we’ll see.  It’s another book…will most likely be a present as well.


On my facebook feed I see a “We have a winner” post from a site and figured I’d click it just to see.  I hadn’t gotten an email so I didn’t figure it was me.  IT WAS!  It’s a really cool necklace from Michelle Chang Jewelry on Etsy.  I won’t tell you which one, but I’ll tell you which it wasn‘t and which I just LOVE:

click to see the full description


Today was another double-win day.  Both are going to be Christmas presents but since I don’t think my cousin Hazel surfs much web quite yet, I can say that one of them is for her – a book and a music CD.   Yay!


Won TWO things today but I’m not posting either as they’re both likely to be Christmas presents 🙂


From The Cartoon Lovin’ Momma I won this sack of Namaste Foods.  I actually can’t wait to try this because I’m curious to know if [expensive] gluten-free  foods might be a little nicer to my Crohn’s Disease.


From a goodreads contest for first-read books.   The site is pretty neat too, since I can’t ever think of something I want to read, and am always scared to pick a new author.  This site has lots of ways to interact and the books have reviews from “real” people, not just the ones boasting how great a book is.  My first win.  Yay be continued…

ps – i won’t be posting any Christmas present wins, that’d defeat the purpose, i’ll just post if I won something I intend on using for Christmas 🙂


[new]Bloggies I love

Blogs of People I Don’t Know but stalk so much I might as well add them to my imaginary Christmas card list (where the rest of you live) and send Happy Birthday cards to their kids…that would be totally weird, right, and possibly get my name on a restraining order? Anyways, in no particular order, here they be:

Girls Gone Child

I started reading her blog some time ago, my mother in law bought me her book and I tore through it in a matter of hours.  I love reading her.  She makes me giggle a lot.   The book is fantastic and I will totally lend it to anyone who signs in blood that they will send it back to me.  Yes I love it that much.

Why is Daddy Crying

One of my friends became a friend of this on Facebook and I thought oooh something to make Daddy cry?  I’m a fan.  Turns out, it’s actually the name of a blog written by a guy who seems to have an obsession with poop (makes me an instant fan) and I laughed right out loud when I read it, then passed him off to my friends (and my teenager who, along with his friend, laughed so hard at Evolution of a Peaceful Poop that I started laughing all over again and made it so worth the fact that I shared something probably a normal mother would not share with her teenage son – but whatever, boys are so EASY to share with!)  I’ve read almost everything he’s written thus far, but (along with EoaPP) one of my favorites is No More Eating Out For Me – mostly because I feel like he stole that scene in the beginning from my house.  I despise eating out for exactly the reason that opens the blog.

Ask the Blogess

Apparently, when you’re in full-on stalk mode/desperately need stuff to read/are trapped in your house because your colon is being spastic, you can find lots of goodies on other people’s blogs.  This one was listed on the Why is Daddy Crying site and I laughed…again out loud.  Because if it’s not audible, what’s the point?  So what if the dogs looked at me funny and I closed the window when the girls walked up.  And that’s the point.

11 Things I Know About Your Vagina

Okay, this is the same lady as Ask the Blogess, AND this is something that I passed on to my son who laughed his teenaged face off and it wasn’t until he posted a link back to it on Facebook that said:

“LOLOL God I love my mother and all the silly blogs she finds”

that I realized maybe I shouldn’t have passed that one on to him…or maybe he just should have left my name off the “find” since the title shows up in the address on the post LOL.  Whoops.  Whatever.

Checking the Electrical Box

Really, I can’t pick which post is my favorite (and I haven’t had time to read a lot of them) but at the moment my absolute favorite is Oh Little Playmate because it makes me feel slightly less alone/insane for the way my brain works sometimes.

There’s the partial list.  Work demands me.

…to be continued…


I have no love of languages.

I speak English.  I grasp the concept of it fairly well.  I get most of the ins and outs of grammar.  I twitch when people use the wrong forms of they’re, their and there/it’s, its and mess up the basic rules of grammar.

I speak a twinge of French.  The amount I once knew is fading away.

But I have no great love of languages.  I don’t find any language so much more beautiful than another that I would like to learn it.  I think Latin is cool because it’s such a root language.  But I don’t love it.  I wouldn’t be sad if it suddenly told me it was no longer talking to me or took me off its Facebook friends list.

I do like words, however.

And reading.

And so when I asked for suggestions from friends on what I should read, I was excited over all the suggestions.  So I picked up one called “The Secret History”.  The review is good, the jacket recap interesting.

Only 50 or so pages into it, and I just feel like an idiot.  I don’t think I’m smart enough to read this book set in an ivy league school, in and about a Greek language classroom setting.

The jacket still reads well and interests me.  I just hope I can get over my feeling like a moron to get to the juicy stuff.  I see a lot of skimming.  Either that or I’m going to have to reenroll in college so I can feel smart enough to take this book on.
(I think the way I feel about reading this book is a lot like I’d feel reading Good Will Hunting – too much intellect for me, but I could watch it on tv haha)

I did finish the book and it was a fairly good read.  Still a little too intellectual for me – I like to escape, use my brain as little as possible when I read (and somehow I always feel bad about this…why?)