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what i did on my summer vacation

More accurately….what I did on my kids’ summer vacation.

We spent 95% of their vacation doing absolutely nothing fun.  Nothing more than what we usually do – swim and watch TV.  Please, contain the enthusiasm.

So we decided this past weekend to do something fun.  Anything.  At great expense, of course, but overlooking my panic of bills versus fun, I guess it was worth it.

Friday we took them shopping for a “reasonably priced” outfit (thank you Ashleigh for the saying that’s stuck) and new shoes (yay to husband who works for a shoe company which means discount, discount, discount!!)  Despite my great love of all things retail (heavy sarcasm inflection) I survived.  An hour at the shoe store, largely due to Ashleigh who spends a great deal of time making sure she has just.the.right.thing.  It took the other four of us surrounding her in boxes of shoes before she settled on a pair I’d pointed out 45 minutes earlier.  Grr…  I fainted at the receipt, even seeing how much we’d saved.

Then it was on to Khol’s for said reasonably priced outfit.  An hour later (again, thanks to Ashleigh) the kids walked out of the store a really great outfit each.  I had to steal the clothes from their rooms today to sneak the outfits into the wash before they started walking around on their own.

Alyssa showing off her clothes

Ashleigh & her "reasonably priced outfit"

Friday night we tried camping in the backyard.  Bought obscenely large marshmallows for s’mores.  The s’mores were so large we sort of had to lick the marshmallow out of the sides before they dripped (and plenty dripped).

No, really, they were BIG marshmallows

We tried to sleep in the tent.  The dogs loved being in outside, with the whole family in one place and Macchi slept really well despite all the wrestling and pillow slinging and giggling.  Around 1am we realized no one was getting any sleep, Tyler’s mattress had deflated several times over and we headed back in to the house.

tent wrestling

We debated forever about where to go Saturday.  After the clothes and shoes (despite their reasonability) ordeal, we wanted somewhere cheap – and that’s hard to come by.  We hit Centerfield Park which offers mini golf, go karts, batting cages and bumper boats.   We started with mini golf and moved on to the batting cages.  It was frustrating for the girls but I could have stayed in the cage for hours.  We set the girls loose on the Slick Track and after watching and laughing at them figured they were going to come off the track vowing never to go on again.  Alyssa, who I thought would be the nascar driver was driving sooooo slow, careful around the turns, getting out of the way of others.  And my ever-careful Ashleigh had a fiendish look on her face, hauling ass.   They both came flying out of the gate praising the experience.

Alyssa finally getting the hang of it all.

Then it was off to get ice cream and home so Todd and I could collapse.

And that’s the summation of what I did on their summer vacation, lol.

School starts in just over a week.  YIPPEEEEE



There’s a rule around here about slamming doors.  Slam it and I take it.

I hate taking the door.  Not because I hate robbing them of one, I just generally deplore the activity level involved in wrasslin’ the 6+foot slab of presswood from the frame by myself and lugging the stupid thing downstairs.  Really, I’m more pissed off by having to remove the door than I am by the actual slamming of it.

Which makes me think I should re-think the rule.

Right now, I’m letting the rule slide because Alyssa is mad at me.  She hates me.  She said this before she slammed her door…twice.

I won’t let her ride her bike up to the school with her friend and his big sister.  I don’t have a 9-yr-old approved answer why I won’t.

I let her walk home from school.  I’d probably let her walk to school.

I keep her fairly close to home otherwise.  In fact, of her own choice she rarely leaves our circle.

I won’t let her ride up there because I don’t trust her.  She rides off the circle across the street without looking too often despite my nagging.  She stands on her seat and lifts one foot off despite my cries of “oh my god Alyssa, wait til I’m not looking!”  I don’t trust that she won’t haul ass down the hill home from school/the park and fly across the street without looking or that she’ll practice some new acrobatic just to see that she can.

Of course, none of that is an approved “official” answer to Alyssa.

And God help me if I use “because I said so”.